Welcome to the Machine Intelligence Lab. (MILab)

The Machine Intelligence Laboratory is focusing on researches on developing machine learning and deep learning methods to investigate and analyze patterns inherent in various forms of data with their application to medical/computer vision, brain-computer interfaces, healthcare, and neuroinformatics.

Lab’s latest news

XADLiME: eXplainable Alzheimer's Disease Likelihood Map Estimation via Clinically-guided Prototype Learning

Accepted to NeuroImage

Congratulations!!! Wisnu’s paper “Estimating Explainable Alzheimer’s Disease Likelihood Map via Clinically-guided Prototype Learning” has been accepted for publication in NeuroImage. Ahmad...

[KU 연구장려장학금] 정승우 수상

[KU 연구장려장학금] 정승우 수상

정승우 연구원이 고려대 정보대학이 우수 논문 제출한 수료연구생에게 수여하는 “KU 연구장려장학금”을 수상하였습니다.“연구장려장학금”은 고려대 정보대학이 연구력 향상을 위해 우수한 논문을 제출한 수료연구생에게...