Accepted to Medical Image Analysis

Congratulations!!! A paper on deep ensemble learning of sparse regression models has been accepted for publication in Medical Image Analysis.

Jee-Seok received the “Best Paper Award”

Author: Jee-Seok Yoon

Award information: Jee-Seok’s paper, titled “Deep Learning-based Brain Tumor Segmentation from Multi-modal MRI”, is awarded as “Best Presentation Paper” in 2016 KIISE Winter Workshop, held at Gangwon Province in December 21-23, 2016.

Accepted to Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering

Congratulations!!! A review paper on deep learning in medical image analysis has been accepted for publication in Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering.

3 papers have been accepted to MICCAI-MLMI 2016

Congratulations!!! Three papers have been accepted for presentation in MICCAI-MLMI 2016.

Beom-Chae Kim received the “Best Paper Award”


Accepted to NeuroImage.

Congratulations!!! A paper on functional dynamics modeling has been accepted for publication in NeuroImage.

Accepted to MICCAI 2015

Congratulations!!! Our paper has been accepted for presentation in MICCAI 2015.

Accepted to Brain Structure & Function

Congratulations!!! A paper on deep multi-task learning for AD diagnosis has been accepted for publication in Brain Structure & Function.